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A platform for your daily transportation (car/auto ) needs from Point "A" to "B" in any place in India. Onboard your commercial car/auto to configure trips between source and destination.

  • Selection of pickup and Destination point
  • Schedule a ride for a sharing journey
  • Save your money with shared trips
Born Hire


Trust app - It connects Service providers ( Like Cook, Maid, Plumber,Dance teacher.... etc ) And Consumer without any middle man. To Get a comfortable service As per your convenient time by the best service provider use Trust app. Trust also brings opportunity for a service provider to bring their work's presence online to reach more and more consumer.Get Trust

  • Select the service you get to done
  • Choose the best service provider
  • Run your business from your home

Hire Meter

To reduce the Human effort and save your time It's the right time to move from traditional journey with Hire Meter is designed to streamline or automate Candidate's selection, Hiring process. HireMeter - A perfect Assistance to simplify the scenerio of the whole process of Hiring. This Ai driven Hire Meter is influencing the recruiting.Contact us for demo.

  • Screening the Candidates Via smarter Technology
  • Interviewing The Candidates
  • Select the best candidates for the suitable position
Hire Meter
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It will always become tedious to test a product. No matter whether it will be a manual testing or Automative testing Approach.Remote tester - Ai based testing software basically designed to simplify software Development Lifecycle. To Auto Crawl your Appliction - Remote tester using Machine learning (AI/ML) for spidering your Software.Contact us for demo.

  • Data Input / Output analysis
  • Usecase wise Testing
  • Provide the Accurate Result - Detailed Report
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